OSLib – Open source API for RISC OS development

OSLib Release 6.90

Library Downloads

OSLib 6.90 Library (Old FS)
suitable for file systems with limited files per directory (1072 Kb)
OSLib 6.90 Library (Modern FS)
suitable for file systems with unlimited files per directory (e.g. RISC OS 4, LanMan, or X-Files) (1064 Kb)
OSLib 6.90 Library (Cross-compile)
using UNIX file-naming conventions. Suitable for building RISC OS targets under UNIX/LINUX (1072 Kb)

Other Downloads

Note that an example of a full WIMP application using OSLib and the RISC OS toolbox can be found at Tony's web site.

Changes since Version 6.80

  • Added 7 Reporter SWIs (20060125-2, Phil Ludlam)
Bug Fixes
  • PCI.swi: Amended PCI_HardwareAddress to return Address in R4 (20060718-1, Christian Ludlam)
  • OS.swi: As documented in http://www.iyonix.com/32bit/32bit.shtml OS_PlatformFeatures bit _6_ (&40) should be 32-bit OS and bit _7_ (&80) should be 26-bit unavailable. (20060801-1 Phil Ludlam)
  • ColourTrans.swi: Renamed GCOL constants ColourTrans_SetFG, ColourTrans_SetBG, ColourTrans_UseECFS, ColourTrans_SetText to ColourTrans_SetFG_GCol, ColourTrans_SetBG_GCol, ColourTrans_UseECFS_GCol, ColourTrans_SetText_GCol respectively to avoid clash with similarly named SetColour and SetTextColour constants. Renamed SetColour constants ColourTrans_SetFG, ColourTrans_SetBG, ColourTrans_SetText to ColourTrans_SetFGCol, ColourTrans_SetBGCol, ColourTrans_SetTextCol respectively for consistency. Renamed SetTextColour constants ColourTrans_SetFG, ColourTrans_SetBG to ColourTrans_SetFGTextCol, ColourTrans_SetBGTextCol respectively for consistency. (20070102-1, Christian Ludlam)
Build Environment
  • GNUmakefile: install target didn't properly copy all generated header files (20060125-1, John Tytgat)
  • DefMod2: gcc in GCCSDK 3.4.6 Release 1 onwards will pass the APCS flavour to the assembler backend so in order not the confuse the assembler seeing conflicting APCS speficiations we now specify the APCS flaviour via the gcc options '-mapcs-26'/'-mapcs-32' too and also as assembler options '-apcs26'/'-apcs32' (the latter for pre-GCCSDK 3.4.6 Release 1 releases compatibility).

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