OSLib – Open source API for RISC OS development

OSLib Release 6.80

Library Downloads

OSLib 6.80 Library (Old FS)
suitable for file systems with limited files per directory (1016 Kb)
OSLib 6.80 Library (Modern FS)
suitable for file systems with unlimited files per directory (e.g. RISC OS 4, LanMan, or X-Files) (1080 Kb)
OSLib 6.80 Library (Cross-compile)
using UNIX file-naming conventions. Suitable for building RISC OS targets under UNIX/LINUX (1007 Kb)

Other Downloads

Note that an example of a full WIMP application using OSLib and the RISC OS toolbox can be found at Tony's web site.

Changes since Version 6.70

  • Added constants for FPSR bits to FPEmulator (20041020-1, Tom Hughes)
  • Added extra Iconbar flags definitions (20050102-1, John Tytgat)
  • Added BufferModifyFlags2, which returns old and new flags values (20050305-1, John Tytgat)
  • Added placeholders for two new DDEUtils SWIs mentioned by John Ballance on the iyonix-support list (20050313-1, Tom Hughes)
  • Added ServiceInternational_DefineUCSCharacter and ServiceInternational_GetUCSConversionTable (RO5+) (20050331-1, John-Mark Bell)
  • Added many ResEd message definitions (20050506-1, Christian Ludlam)
  • Added definitions for LineEditor, ZapFontMenu, and ZapRedraw modules (20050506-2, Christian Ludlam)
Bug Fixes
  • Toolbox_RegisterObjectModule and Toolbox_RegisterPostFilter had SWI numbers swapped. (See OSLib 6.21 fixes) Corrected back again. (20040816-1, Christian Ludlam)
  • Tools/BindHelp fixed to correctly set file types in StrongHelp image under UNIX (20040922-1, Stefan Bellon)
  • OSLibSupport library was missing Event* functions. (20041121-1 David Ruck)
Build Environment
  • OSLibSupport is no longer built with 26 bit linkage, because GCC no longer supports it.
  • OSLibSupport is now additionaly available with a Unix file structure
  • Changes to facilitate GCCSDK autobuilder support. (20051231-1 John Tytgat)
  • Fix to GNUmakefile after 20051231-1 (20051231-2 Tony van der Hoff)

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