OSLib – Open source API for RISC OS development

Further Development

The original author, Jonathan Coxhead, is unable to devote as much time to further development and enhancement of OSLib as he feels is necessary; and this, together with his respect and admiration for Richard Stallman and the Free Software Foundation, were the main factors contributing to his decision in 1998 to release the source as free software.

As free source software, anyone is entitled to modify and re-distribute the library. In order to avoid this getting out hand, a group of keen OSLib supporters have teamed up to provide a controlled development environment for OSLib in which we can ensure that further development follows the strict discipline which Jonathan himself applied, and can therefore guarantee that interfaces won't be 'broken' by ill-advised tinkering.

We therefore ask potential contributors of new or updated modules to follow a set of guidelines, and make any submissions for amendments and improvements via the oslib-user mail-list. Other users, and the OSLib development team will then comment, and if appropriate, your submissions will be added to the library.

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