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Mailing Lists

We have set up a number of mailing lists to allow discussion of the development of OSLib, and for dissemination of information. Tom Hughes is running these on his compton.nu domain, and we gratefully acknowledge his help in this.

To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to <listname>-subscribe@compton.nu and post submissions to <listname>@compton.nu (or just click on the links below). You can also (un)subscribe and/or consult the mail archives via the mailing lists web interface.

This is the main discussion and self-help channel for users of OSLib and its build tools. It is also for feedback from users to the development team. Send any bug reports and suggested enhancements here to ensure the widest distribution. Both subscribing and posting is open.
For discussions amongst the developer team and close associates. Both subscription and posting is moderated.
For announcements from the developer team regarding new releases, features, etc. Subscription is open; posting is moderated.
This is a mailing list which sends automatically-generated information whenever an update is committed to the SVN repository. If you want to keep bang up-to-date with OSLib, then this is for you. Subscribe via the SourceForge OSLib project page, by clicking on "Mailing lists".

OSLib Team

The OSLib development Team at present is made up of a number individuals, each of whom have put in a lot of effort to bring you Free OSLib, and will continue to do so. Please join us with any help you can give!

If you have any queries about OSLib development, either post to the appropriate mailing list, or if appropriate, write to any of us. We don't have individual 'roles' but by the nature of the project, and for historical and personal reasons, responsibilities tend to be devolved as outlined below. Naturally, there are cross-overs, and everyone is involved in bug-fixing from time to time.

Jonathan Coxhead
The original author of OSLib. Jonathan is no longer involved in the day-to-day running of the project, but still provides a lot of help regarding historical issues and design concepts. We are grateful for his original work, and continued support.
Tom Hughes
Tom is the main author of new modules, thus keeping OSLib up to date, and also runs the OSLib mailing lists.
Tony van der Hoff
Tony administers these web pages, and arranges periodic releases of the library.
John Tytgat
John was spearheading the OSLib 7.00 developments and release.
Michael Drake
Michael is responsible for the website redesign which coincided with the release of OSLib 7.00.

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