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Links to specific OSLib releases are provided below; you should normally only need the latest version; the links to earlier versions are only provided to give a fallback in case you have problems with the latest release, and for historical interest.

All available OSLib releases can be found at OSLib's SourceforgeFiles Release area.

The down-loadable files on this site are all in compressed zip file format. To uncompress any of them, use David Pilling's SparkPlug.

OSLib Releases

Version 7.00 (09 December 2012)
Features GCCSDK GCC 4 (ELF) support, RISC OS 5 and RISC OS 6 API support, Vala binding support and the usual set of bug fixes and improvements.
Version 6.90 (02 January 2007)
Adds some Reporter SWIs, and fixes bugs in PCI, OS, and ColourTrans.
Version 6.80 (31 December 2005)
Adds a number of new functions, and some constants, together with a few bug fixes.
APCS-R (26-bit) OSLibSupport library (09 March 2005)
The GCCSDK, which is used to build OSLib and its support library no longer supports the compilation of 26-bit code. In consequence, the OSLib project will also no longer issue 26-bit versions of the library. This should not be a problem for the main library, as the code is fully compatible. For the Support library, there may be a problem with linking with older 26-bit C code. The Support library under this link is a final build, compiled using the Castle compiler with 26-bit APCS. It will remain here, at the level of OSLib 6.70, but will not be further developed. For the current, 32-bit, OSLibSupport library, please follow the links to the current OSLib page.


Use of the library is quite straightforward and intuitive, but first-time users may find some examples useful. These are available from the download page.

A complete example of an application using the Toolbox and OSLib can be found here.

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